2017 presentations

2017 is about strategies for working with structured content, a different take on collaboration culture, and coping with working at maximum capacity.

January - Gather Content
What Structured Content Means for Content Developers

February - Content Strategy Applied (with Lucie Hyde)
Content Trends

February - Society for Technical Communication
Pushing Syrup through a Straw

February - World IA Day workshop
The Secret Lives of Structured Content

April - NUX workshop
And You Didn't Invent Sex, Either

May - Information Energy
The Hidden Potential of Structured Content

May - Lavacon (with Christian Gericke)
Turning a Silo into a Bridge

June - City University
How Structured Content Contributes to Better UX

June - soap! conference workshop
Secret Lives of Structured Content

August - Web Summer Camp workshop
Schemas, Standards, and Adaptive Content: a twist on UX strategy

September - Technical Communication UK workshop
Topic-based writing in the molecular world

October - TCWorld
Bringing the rigour of structure to marketing content
Techniques for developing structured content (workshop)